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Database Marketing, Email Marketing

Database Marketing / Email Marketing

The Challenge

To better engage and segment BIAH’s large and diverse B2B audience.

The Strategy

Build a permanent online data capture page (DCP) that allows BIAH to collect customer data at all times and occasions e.g. customer service calls, trade shows, rep visits. Use the data to send regular digital communication to vets thus establishing more cost-effective customer touchpoints than previously. Complement salesforce activities to ensure consistent messaging and also to identify areas of client interest.

The Results

The program has proven to be an invaluable complement to existing sales and marketing communication. Every eDM has achieved open rates and click through rates substantially higher than industry averages and provides BIAH with a new method for the salesforce to identify specific opportunities.

Tick Yes has been working with the Animal Health team at Boehringer Ingelheim for two years.  Together we have achieved above industry average results with our new monthly customer eNewsletter.  The team at Tick Yes has provided sound advice and expertise in the development and delivery of this important communication tool and we have been extremely pleased with the excellent level of service received.

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