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Email Marketing

There’s no better way for a brand to create relevance and prompt immediate action from key stakeholders than Email Marketing.

The ‘grand-daddy’ of digital, Email Marketing is enjoying a well-deserved renaissance. With us, however it has always been in vogue. Having run eDM campaigns for all manner of offerings we know the power of strategically developed Email Marketing.

Our email programs have been a key factor in our clients increasing profits and market share along with cross and up-selling related products and services.

We often say to people, if you want to send out an email you can do it yourself; if however, you want to create optimal results from an email marketing program, you need to speak to us.

Questions our Email Marketing Solutions Will Answer:

  • How do we create maximum value from our opt-in email database?
  • How do we create eDMs that will get opened, read and acted on?
  • What’s the best subject line for my eDM?
  • What content will achieve the greatest engagement with our target market?