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Customer Romance is a practical, easy to read guide to building your brand and your bottom line by applying the lessons of love to the world of business and marketing.

The book encompasses a variety of case studies illustrating how companies from all around the world have taken on board the same customer focused principles and grown successful long term commercial love affairs.

There are four key stages in the Customer Romance process which can be applied to both B2B and B2C marketing plans and strategies

Each stage takes you through the methods and marketing strategies implemented by others showing how you can emotionally engage with your customers and increase customer satisfaction to build loyal and strong relationships.

Customer Romance has a simple premise: the strategies, emotions, philosophies and actions that work with your personal relationships will be equally effective in creating successful business relationships.

Each of the 100 case studies proves how great customer service and customer focused strategies can lead to greater customer satisfaction and engaging long-term relationships.

  • Interesting, well-written and loaded with examples that demonstrate the effectiveness of a ‘romance’ approach to creating customers.

    Al Ries, Author of War in the Boardroom
    Al Ries, Author of War in the BoardroomAuthor of War in the Boardroom
  • I love, love, love this book. It’s fresh, interesting and very insightful.

    Carolyn Cresswell
    Carolyn CresswellFounder and Managing Director, Carman’s Kitchen, 2012 Telstra Business Woman of the Year
  • Romancing, wooing and winning your customer into a long term relationship is the key, in love, in life and in business. Peter Applebaum marries these concepts together to create pure love between you and your customers.

    Jay Conrad Levinson
    Jay Conrad LevinsonFather of Guerrilla Marketing, author of Guerrilla Marketing series of books
  • If marketers were better at putting themselves in the shoes of the customer, every business would offer consistently great service. Peter's book, offers great tips for modern marketers in harnessing the power of social sharing, especially for those who sometimes forget our customers are our lifeblood.

    Naomi Simson
    Naomi SimsonFounding Director, redballoon.com.au
  • Any marketer is only as good as their customers are good to them. Peter's book provides terrific insights and a fantastic reminder that each and every day customer relationship pay our way.

    Robert Sullivan
    Robert SullivanGeneral Manager, Corporate Marketing, Landcom
  • Whether you are an experienced marketer or just starting out, Customer Romance is packed full of practical advice and examples to help establish or rekindle the romance with the most important people in your business' life – the ones who pay you money.

    Brad Howarth
    Brad HowarthJournalist, Author and Speaker
  • An excellent guide to enchanting your customer and filled with the collection of examples in business books.

    Guy Kawasaki, Author of Enchantment and former chief evangelist of Apple
    Guy Kawasaki, Author of Enchantment and former chief evangelist of AppleAuthor of Enchantment and Former Chief Evangelist of Apple.
  • Customer Romance is easy to read and easy to implement. If more companies used the principles in Peter’s book they’d achieve better outcomes. Business and fun are not mutually exclusive, Customer Romance proves that.

    Joseph Saad
    Joseph SaadManaging Director, Weight Watchers Australia