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Database Acquisition & Retention

There is new found respect for the value data can offer every organisation. It’s about time. Creating value from gathering and leveraging customer data has been central to what we’ve been doing since 2001.

The beauty with strategic database programs is that everyone wins: the client who gets a more holistic view of their customers’ needs and can adjust their offering accordingly and then the customers themselves whose needs will be better served.

With our programs, our focus is on customers, gleaning the most relevant information and then strategically using that information. While important, technology simply facilitates and helps to deliver the best commercial outcomes via robust plans and programs.

Questions our Database Acquisition & Retention Solutions Will Answer:

  • Should we invest in CRM software before gathering any data?
  • How do we start building databases when we don’t have any to begin with?
  • What happens if our target market/s aren’t responsive to having their data collected?
  • How can data help us to improve our profitability and customer service delivery?
  • Will the data you collect help to acquire and retain customers?