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Has it Been That Long?
-Peter Applebaum

Hello. Anyone there? The last time I uploaded a post was in August. Seriously. That long ago. Do you remember what you were doing in August? Me eithe…

The Decline and Fall of Free-to-Air TV
-Peter Applebaum

Free-to-air (FTA) TV is gone, over, finished, obsolete, outta here. Everyone is on their mobile phones, tablets, PCs etc etc. NO-ONE watches TV anymor…

How to Avoid an Ashley Madison Type Disaster
-Peter Applebaum

1. Don’t cheat on your spouse / partner. 2. If you choose to ignore point 1, don’t explore your ‘opportunities’ online where e…

The Only Way to Make Money from Social Media
-Peter Applebaum

If I had a buck for every time I was asked “How can I make money from social media?” I wouldn’t have to write posts about making a b…

Patience Makes Perfect Content
-Peter Applebaum

Those advertising types have it soooooooooo easy! If you have the money you can shout wherever and whenever you like: ‘BUY NOW! 99% OFF! GUARAN…

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